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About Us

Canadian Healthcare Logistics (CHL) is a leading Canadian third party service provider focused exclusively on delivering logistics solutions to the small and medium sized companies in the healthcare industry. Our clients include manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and natural health products (NHP).

We offer everything from warehousing, transportation, customer and financial services for clients in the healthcare industry. We can help get your product from the manufacturing plant to your customers, including wholesale customers, retail drug chains, hospitals or individual patients.

Our facility is GMP compliant for the management of prescription drugs, medical devices and natural health products. Storage conditions include room temperature (15 – 25 ⁰C) and cold storage (2 – 8 ⁰C). We ensure your product is secure with monitoring systems and back up power. A temperature monitoring system constantly tracks the storage conditions and alerts us whenever something unexpected happens.

Our IT system informs you of the activities we perform on your behalf and lets you monitor your inventory as closely as you wish. You choose which activities you want to see and we will automatically inform you in real time. If you want to see when an order ships, no problem. Notify you when the inventory is getting low, OK. We will set up a system that works for you. Clients can also view their business on-line. Everything from inventory levels to transactions can be viewed on-line 24/7 with a user friendly interface.

At CHL, we understand our clients’ needs and provide a service that exceeds the requirements of Health Canada while being cost effective. Our business model is activity based, our clients only pay for the services they use. We hope to contribute to your success and benefit as your business grows.